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Weekly updates



Weekly website updates 20th August 2017   

Only 2 weeks to go before the 10th Graceful Embroidery Event! To get the very best from this event you really should be a member of my Embroidery group, so you can collect the daily free designs.

Check out my Featured project this month to find out how my Gloriana gold cushion is coming along as I have updated.


 I am now working on Orchids for Ruth 2, for 5" by 7" hoops. The date of release will be announced soon.

Positioning the applique orchids is very easy with the alignment stitches.


Weekly website updates 14th August 2017   

Read my latest blog: Embroidering applique orchids

I have two all time favourite flowers, orchids are grown inside my home and fuchsias grow outside in my garden and many of the tender ones are over wintered in my greenhouse.  It has taken me a long time to finally digitise one of these beautiful flowers, the phalaenopsis orchid. Earlier this year I tested out the orchids by creating an embroidered card for my sister who also loves orchids. To make them more realistic there is an option for the sepals and petals to be stitched out and added as applique held in place by the column, lip and throat of the orchid.....

 Orchids for Ruth 1 will be released on 16th August now.

Weekly website updates 7th August 2017   

I am currently working on the new Orchids for Ruth collection. Download this freebie to test the quality of the flowers.

The first set for 4" by 4" hoops will be released on Monday 14th August. We also only weeks away from my 10th Birthday event. Make sure you join my Embroidery group before it starts so you can download the daily freebies.

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Today I updated the images for the collection, In my Graceful Garden

See them all here.

Weekly website updates 30th July 2017   

The images and photos for the Victorian Promises collection have been updated and the collection is now available for the first time for just $35 during August.

The Victorian Promises collection

As well as that collection, The Gloriana Gold collection is on offer and I will be taking you through a project using these designs. Follow my progress at Featured project

The Gloriana Gold collection



Gilded Treasures 4 have now been released.

I am working on a new collection featuring orchids and the option of applique petals. A freebie and the first set for 4" x 4" hoops will be released very soon.

Weekly website updates 24th July 2017   

Next weekend Glided Treasures 4 will be released. 


Tutorial 8, Embroidering a Triptych is now available for just $15.

Purchase Tutorial 8


Weekly website updates 17th July 2017   

Gilded Treasures 3 has been released and will be available at an introductory price of $25 until July 31st.

I am now working on the final set in this collection which should be released before the end of the month.

Watch out for Tutorial 8, Embroidering a Triptych, being released this week.


Weekly website updates 10th July 2017   

The Japanese Blossoms collection is on offer for just $35, during July as the featured project uses designs from it. Watch out for my new tutorial on creating an embroidered triptych.

The Celtic Heather is collection of the month for just $35

Working on my third set of Gilded treasures to be released around July 15th.


Weekly website updates 3rd July 2017   

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my American customers.

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Gilded Treasures 2 for 5" by 7" will be released at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.


I am in the process of updating several features of the website including new photos as the index images for each product.

Find out more about my Rosemaling designs and where I got the inspiration for them.

Weekly website updates 26th June 2017   

 Gilded Treasures 1 for 4" by 4" hoops have been released and are on introductory price of $25 until July 14th. Gilded Treasures 2 for 5" x 7" hoops will be released shortly.


The set includes some pale coloured alternatives suitable for frames, borders and corners.

Download the freebie now

Watch my YouTube video on these designs.


Weekly website updates 12th June 2017   

 Christmas is coming early at Graceful Embroidery so you can plan, organise and complete your embroidery well before December. There are 4 sets in this collection and the freebie will be available very soon so you can test the designs.

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Have you read my latest blog?

Tiny heirloom designs are so versatile


Weekly website updates 5th June 2017   

Coming this week! Une Petit Princesse 6, small designs for dolls and baby clothes, or use to create your own designs. Make panels, borders and collar embroidery.


As we are in a new month there are 2 collections on offer.

Jane's White Work and the Bridal Grace collection.

Click on the gold links to read more about these designs.


Weekly website updates 28th May 2017   

Romantic Crazy Quilt 13 is nearly ready. Just have to finish writing the detailed PDF. In the coming months I have plans for new things at Graceful Embroidery as it nears its tenth birthday. One of the features will be more videos. Check out my new Video, "Introduction to Graceful Embroidery".

A new blog was written on 27th at Graceful Threads of Inspiration, "a sumptuous quilt."

After the Romantic Crazy quilt 13 is released I have a new set of tiny designs for the Une Petit Princesse collection. Use them for dolls and baby clothes, or to make your own combinations.


Weekly website updates 15th May 2017   

Coming this week! Romantic Crazy Quilt 13 in a "Dresden" style with detailed PDF tutorial. The block can be stitched in one hooping with a 260mm wide hoop, two hoopings with 200mm wider hoops. You can also embroider it in smaller sections if you are limited to a 130mm x 180mm (5" x 7") hoop. There is a special template which will help you keep in alignment with each hooping. This photo shows the results of my first test. The satin stitches have been widened and the motif stitches between fabric sections changed so the fabric is hidden.



Read the blog I wrote last week at Graceful Threads of Inspiration, "Where I find inspiration."

Check out my new Video, "Introduction to Graceful Embroidery".



Weekly website updates 15th May 2017   

The Mothers Day 24 hour event is over, but pop a note in your diary as the next special event at Graceful Embroidery, my 10th Birthday event runs from 4th September to 9th October this year.

To fully enjoy this event you need to have opened an account here on the website and joined my Graceful Embroidery group.


Summer Meadow 4 has been released and is available for just $25 until 29th May. Click on In details tab to get chart on dimensions and stitch counts. The next design to be released is Romantic Crazy Quilt 13, which is a Dresden style block.

This week I have written a new blog at Graceful Threads of Inspiration, "Where I find inspiration."


Weekly website updates 8th May 2017   

My website was undergoing some difficulties this week, and although now resolved I will be releasing Summer Meadow 4 on Monday. I am very sorry for this unavoidable delay which was out of my control.

Weekly website updates 1st May 2017   

Summer Meadows 4 for 12" x 8" hoops (over 12 designs) will be released next probably next week.


I am thinking Heirloom this month! Now we are in May here is a new Collection and featured project of the month.

Browse all the designs in Une Petit Princesse - just $35

This gown was made using designs from the Georgiana collection and won the 2016 Competition at Graceful Embroidery. For the first time ever I am offering the Georgiana collection, all 7 sets, including the mini designs for 1.6" square hoops, for just $35. Hopefully this will help those who want to stock up with heirloom designs and begin their project for the end of August.

Browse all the designs in the Georgiana collection - just $35



Weekly website updates 24th April 2017   

Summer Meadows 3 for 9½" x 6" hoops will be released this week

In Detail tables showing the stitch counts and dimensions in imperial and metric have now been added to Summer Meadow 2 and 3.

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Weekly website updates 17th April 2017   

Summer Meadows 3 for 9½" x 6" hoops will be the next set to be released. 



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