FAQs and help

​Thank you for your interest in Graceful Embroidery. If you cannot find the answer to your query below, please email me giving as much information as possible. 

As I live in the UK, which is between 4 and 8 hours in front of USA, it may take up to 12 hours for me to get back to you and longer at weekends!  



"Do you take embroidery commissions?" 
I am happy to give them consideration to see if they fall within the type of embroidery that I specialise in.

"Which web browsers are best for Graceful Embroidery?" 
My website developer suggests Google Chrome or Firefox for PC users and Safari for Apple computers. Internet Explorer & Edge are not recommended.

"The webpages do not seem to be working properly. The pages do not seem to be up to date. What should I do?" 
Sometimes it is advisable to refresh your browser and if you are really having issues it may be a good idea to clear your browsing history.

"I emailed you for help and have not heard back?" 
At busy times especially at the beginning of my Grand sale and Birthday Sale and at weekends, I can take up to 36 hours to get back to you if lots of people are emailing me.

"Which design was used for the background of your website?" 
The background was designed especially for the website from designs in  Celtic Grace 5 and the 
Celtic Grace collection.

"Do you have freebie designs which I can download to check the quality of your digitising?" 
Yes most collections have a freebie and it is usually placed in the first set. To get the freebie click on the Downloads tab and select the zip file. You will notice that all formats are there when the zip opens. Just save the format you require.



"Can I earn Rewards on items purchased in the sale?" 
No I am afraid not. Rewards are not added to your account for orders made in the sale as you will have made significant savings.

"Where do I enter the coupon code to get discount on my order in the sale?" 
After you have finished adding items in your cart, go to My cart.


"What should I do if the coupon code doesn't work?" 
Keep trying making sure that you add it accurately. Perhaps the website is overwhelmed so I suggest that you return and try again at a different time of day.

"Will I pay tax on my order?" 
If you live within the European Union, you will be charged Value Added Tax (VAT) at the rate relevant to your country. Customers who live outside of the EU will not be charged any tax.

"I cannot see where I need to choose the format that I usually buy embroidery designs in?" 
When you get your download after completing your purchase you will open a Zip file which contains every available format. Just download the ones you require.

"I am having problems with my order, and am unable to download my designs?" 
It has been reported that Internet Explorer has many issues with Windows 8, so I suggest that you use Google Chrome or Safari to avoid these compatibility problems.

"Can I make my order by phone?" 
I live in the UK so it would be best to email me first and see if we can avoid an expensive phone call. I am happy to phone you at a convenient time that is pre-arranged by email. There will be NO charge for this service.

"Do the Rewards we get on our orders ever expire?" 
No, not at all. Keep them until you have enough to purchase a new set of designs.

"I made an order yesterday and cannot see the rewards for it?" 
I add the rewards to your orders once a week. Wait 7 days and they will appear, or email me.

"Can you set my password for me?" 
Of course I can, just email me as I am happy to do that for any account. If you request a new password and do not get a reply you probably entered it incorrectly.

"Where are the designs that I ordered on your old website? They are not showing on my Order History" 
Unfortunately there was no feature on my old website which would show your order history, and so they cannot at present be added to your current history. If you need me to prepare a list of past orders that can be done for you.

"When I opened the Zip file every format was there and I don't want them all as they will take up too much space on my computer. Must I download them all?" 
I suggest that you do not download the Zip file but just open it and download the format you require. Some customers have several machines so they can download the formats they require.

"Can I pre order your designs before they are released?"
Yes to find out about pre ordering and the Pre order service that will be introduced shortly, you must be a member of my Embroidery Group Forum and have an account on my website.Email me to find out more.

"I need my designs in another format now that I have changed machine, what should I do?" 
Just log in and go to your Order History and download the Zip folder again to find all the formats. If you bought the designs before the new website, they will not show in your Order history so you need to email me at orders@gracefulembroidery.com

"I have chosen a set of designs but they do not seem to be available in my format. Can you help me?" 
Usually this means that it is not currently available in that format, because the machines that use that format do not have hoops to accommodate the designs in the set. In the instance of less common formats the designs may be available so do email me to check it out. I am always interested in what my customers need so do not hesitate to let me know your needs.

"How do I make sure I seen all your designs?
Use the site map which is located in the footer at the bottom of each page.

"I want to check out which sets in a collection are suitable for my machine and hoops. Can I be sent the PDF's of the designs stitch counts and dimensions?" 
Scroll down on each product page to download either a PDF with metric or imprerial dimensions. They are highlighted in gold.

"Can I send you a cheque for my designs and have them posted to me?" 
No, cheques are too expensive to deal with as I live in the UK. If you require your order on a CD I can send it to you at the cost of $15. 

"I do not like to use Paypal so may I pay by credit card?" 
Yes, you can use Sage Pay on my website if you prefer.

"Do I earn Rewards for the purchases I make?" 
Yes, I give Rewards on most orders.

"Why must I have an account to use the website?" 
This gives the best customer experience and means that all your orders will show in your account and you can earn Rewards and create a wish list.

"Can I share your designs with others?" 
NO. All designs are copyrighted and remain the property of Graceful Embroidery. When you purchase the designs you are purchasing a LICENSE for your own personal use, 
enabling them to be loaded on your computer and embroidery machine. Please do not share them with others as this is an infringement of my terms and conditions which you agree to when making a purchase.

"How do I know which colours to use for a design as they look different on my machine than on your website?" 
Colours vary on computers and are not always accurate. Each design set comes with a PDF which gives the colours I recommend. Unfortunately, not all colours remain the same when designs are converted. 

"May I have a refund if I make a duplicate order?" 
Refunds will be given at that the discretion of Graceful Embroidery owner up to 3 months from the time of the second purchase. Older duplicate orders cannot be refunded but Rewards may be given to the value of the order.

"I purchased some designs but they are not showing in my download area?" 
Do remember that if you Pre ordered a design set it will not show up in this area until it has been released. You will be advised by email when the designs are in your account.

"What will I receive in my zipped folder?" 
Your zipped folder contains folders for every format that the designs are available in, but only need to download the formats you require. If the designs are available with Outline Alignment stitches (OAS) there will be 2 folders of designs within each format folder, one with designs with OAS and one with those without them. As well as the folders of designs there will be a PDF, which is a guide to the use of the designs that I have prepared for you. To get the best from my designs ALWAYS read this document as it contains essential information. 

"How can I know when you release new sets?" 
I suggest you join my Embroidery Group Forum and follow me on social media for up to the minute information. I also send out a newsletter but not after each set release.

"My computer died and I lost all my designs. Do I need to buy them again?" 
No you only have to buy a licence once. From mid-March 2014 (When the new Graceful Embroidery website was launched) you will be able to see a history of all your purchases and you can download them again at any time. This facility is not available for purchases made before this time. I can find all your previous orders but need some time to look them all up and send them to you. 

"Can I use your designs on items that I intend to sell?" 
Yes, without limit providing you do not edit them in any way without my permission. 

Is it possible to purchase gift tokens for my wife, so she can select some designs herself?
Yes you can now purchase gift vouchers. Look for the appropriate link in the footer, at the bottom of any webpage on the website.

"I am a member of your Embroidery Group Forum but I cannot see the Members area on the website. Where is it?" 
Members can see their area of membership when they log into their accounts as well as the Forum.

"What is the difference between an account at Graceful Embroidery and membership of the Group forum?" 
Graceful Embroidery is an eCommerce website where you can purchase my designs with an account. The Group Forum is a place of inspiration and discussion for those who love my designs. You need to register for the Group Forum and have an account so you get all the privileges. Click on the Forum tab on the main menu.

"I cannot remember my password for my account. How can I find out what it is?" 
When you make an attempt to log in you will see a place to request a password reminder. Please contact me if you are really having problems and cannot access your account and I will check to see if you have one.

"I cannot log into my account and I have asked for a new password but I never received one. Please help me?" 
This usually happens when you do not spell your email address properly. Try again, and if you still encounter problems, please email me.