Bridal Grace Collection

This collection of beautiful floral designs was inspired by the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of  Cambridge.  After careful study of the delightful flowers used in the bouquets I created these designs. The flowers used were symbolic and I have tried to capture their exquisite beauty.  The designs are predominantly based around myrtle stems along with lily of the valley, hyacinths, sweet williams,  and ivy leaves.  Use them for making special items for your wedding.

 "Queen Victoria who was given a nosegay of myrtles by Prince Albert's grandmother.  A sprig was planted by the terrace walls at Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight in 1845 where it still flourishes today.  It has become a Royal tradition  for sprigs from this same plant to be used in royal bouquets!"

The Bridal Grace Collection


There are 5 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect them all and save money..

Bridal Grace 1


The first eight designs in this set are combinations for you and the remainder are the elements on w..

Bridal Grace 2


There are 12 designs in this second set: design #6 and 11 will make vertical and horizontal borders...

Bridal Grace 3


Some delightful designs in the third set for large hoops including corners, borders. GFE-BGR3-9 will..

Bridal Grace 4


These 10 designs in the fourth set are for mega hoops.  Some of them lend themselves perfectly for b..

Bridal Grace 5


Several customers have asked for designs that will fit within the 300mm x 200mm hoop. I have created..

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