Days of Grace Collection

This collection of heirloom designs features bullion type roses and lace inserts (not free standing lace). Days of Grace was named by one of my Embroidery group members, Ina and is perfect for your heirloom projects or for any bridal or wedding embroidery you need to do. Embellish them with crystals and pearls for a great look!

The Days of Grace Collection


There are 4 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect them all and save money..

Days of Grace 1


This is the first set in this heirloom collection of delicate roses, swirls and lace inserts contain..

Days of Grace 2


More delicate lace designs to combine for bridal and heirloom work. 40  d..

Days of Grace 3


Incredibly beautiful designs for large hoops which include suitable designs for borders just above h..

Days of Grace 4


Within this set you will find some larger embroideries. Use the sprays as linking designs. There are..

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