Graceful Jasmines Collection

Fragrant and dainty flowers have always held a special place in my affection. When plants climb they can be enjoyed close up. I have studied several varieties of Jasmines while I digitised these designs as I wanted to get them as close to the real plants although it is not possible to be absolutely accurate.I hope you like the results and would encourage you to try embroidering the flowers yellow or white with touches of pink! Imagine these embroidered on a Brides veil for her special wedding day! Details of both colour ways are included in the accompanying PDF of each set.

The Graceful Jasmines Collection


There are 4 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect them all and save money..

Graceful Jasmines 1


Dainty little jasmine flowers in small clusters can be enhanced with a pearl in their centres! This ..

Graceful Jasmines 2


For this second set I have styled the jasmines in two shades of yellow. With these designs you can c..

Graceful Jasmines 3


These delightful jasmines are perfect for larger projects where you require the flowers to grace you..

Graceful Jasmines 4


For the final set in this collection I have chosen yellow jasmine flowers. Within this set you will ..

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