Medieval Glory Collection

During Medieval times amazing art work was produced sometimes with a Celtic theme,  and for this collection I have taken one of those designs and turned it into stunning embroidery.  I am sure you will be delighted with these intricate designs and I encourage you to experiment with various colour ways for different looks.

The Medieval Glory Collection


There are 4 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect them all and save money..

Medieval Glory 1


In the first set you have small designs for borders and corners. Combine them to make your own uniqu..

Medieval Glory 2


These are more detailed designs and can be used along with the designs in the first set for intricat..

Medieval Glory 3


This set has the main design (GFE-MDG-3-5) uopn which the collection was based. Imagine these design..

Medieval Glory 4


These are very detailed designs with many colour changes but well worth the effort and time it takes..

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