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Challenge of the year

February 17th, 2018

"This week I have sourced and sorted out the fabrics I will be using for my Crazy quilt challenge. There are several shades of fresh green silk dupion, which remind me of the coming of spring along with some beige, cream, ivory and sand coloured silk. Two of my fabrics are basically the same colour but one is slubby and the other is smooth so they reflect the light differently. I had great fun playing with the colours that I might use for my quilt blocks. Usually I keep to the "three colour rule" so that my embroidery is not too busy, so I have selected greens, light browns and neutral shades. I hope that the rich tan and peapod green will make the blocks pop, but I need to do a test stitch out to confirm this next."

February 2nd, 2018

"I have been giving this project serious consideration and have decided that adequate preparation is essential. So I have checked out all my silk dupion and embroidery threads to decide whcih colour scheme would work best for this quilt. At the moment I am considering a green and cream colour scheme. Although I love natural colours, ecru, beige, ivory, oyster and taupe, these alone would be too much like the popular "latte quilt".  I want to create something breathtakingly beautiful and different, unlike any other quilt made. I will show you the grouping of fabric and threads before I do a test stitch out. I suspect that not all the blocks that I have digitised will be suitable for this quilt. Obviously I will have to change all the colours of each chosen block I use, so that they all reflect my colour scheme and work well together, but each block will keep its distinguishing features."

View all my Romantic Crazy quilt blocks

You will need to consider the colour schemes and change the colours to give some continuity. I will rise to this challenge too and show you throughout the year the results, with a probable tutorial explaining what I learn along the way with some unique designs to help you. Check back here each month for updates.

Here are a selection of 8" x 8" quilt blocks. There are also 2 Dresden style quilt blocks and 2 oval blocks which could also be incorporated into a quilt.




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