Japanese Blossoms Collection

Several years ago I was on holiday in Florida and I visited a Japanese community where there was an amazing exhibition of embroidery which I will never forget! It was so outstanding that we walked around the exhibition twice! Obviously we cannot get exactly the same look with our embroidery machines but these designs represent the skill and beauty of the work sewn lovingly on Kimonos and other items. The designs feature gnarled branches with beautiful blossoms that look like they have been hand sewn.Experiment with different colours to vary your look. This designs work successfully with metallic threads! There are 6 sets in this collection including two new sets featuring combined designs enabling you to embroider this fantastic trio of canvases! Each design is available with and without the Outline Alignment Stitches to help you position the designs.

The Japanese Blossoms Collection


Massive savings! See the wonderful Triptych which was created with these designs. I have produced  a..

Japanese Blossoms 1


The first set has 8 designs for the 4" by 4" hoop. Each design has its own Outline Alignment stitche..

Japanese Blossoms 2


When combining designs I suggest that you examine the branches to see where they would naturally ext..

Japanese Blossoms 3


In the third set there are 4 designs for those with larger hoops. Two of the designs are in set 4 so..

Japanese Blossoms 4


This set was created firsly for those who use the PES format. Two of the designs are in set 3 so you..

Japanese Blossoms Triptych 1


I have put together two sets of combined designs to enable you to create larger embroidery projects...

Japanese Blossoms Triptych 2


This second set has 5 designs for those with Royal hoops and similar 360mm x 200mm hoops. The fifth ..

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