Georgiana Collection

This is my first collection in a series of Heirloom collections named after Jane Austen characters!  The Georgiana Collection is named after my little grand daughter who was born on my birthday. These designs are stitched in one colourway but as there are plenty of stops so you can easily edit them, to add more colours or eliminate sections.  I have designed these to be simple and versatile, reflecting heirloom embroidery reminiscent of past eras where each stitch was painstakingly done by hand. Customers requested monograms to match this collection, and they are here too! Everything you need for your heirloom project.


The Georgiana Collection


Purchase all 7 sets in the Georgiana collection including the Georgiana Mini set.   ..

Georgiana 1


This first set has all the elements of the collection for you to combine and create your own larger ..

Georgiana 2


The designs in this set are so versatile. There are designs which will fit perfectly in quilt square..

Georgiana 3


This 3rd set of designs will fit large hoops and includes a gorgeous scalloped edge corner suitable ..

Georgiana 4


In creating designs for the 360mm x 150mm hoop I have had fun creating borders and panels for your h..

Georgiana 5


The final set in this collection has some splendid designs for those with extra large hoops includin..

Georgiana Monograms


These elegant letters can be used alongside the Georgiana collection, each available in 3 sizes so t..

Georgiana Mini


Several customers have requested mini designs suitable for dolls and tiny babies clothes. This is th..

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