Harriet Collection

In this heirloom collection named after another Austen character, I have created designs which contain some wing needle stitches.  When you stitch them out you need to change your ordinary embroidery or top stitch needle for a wing needle one, to get the effect. Beautifully simple designs to create nostalgic heirloom embroidery. Thank you to Pamela Cox who gave me ideas for this collection.

The Harriet Collection


There are 4 sets in the collection and this is the best way to collect them all and save money.  ..

Harriet 1


Many of these designs in this first set with an emphasis on wing needles, will combine perfectly. It..

Harriet 2


Some beautiful designs for your 5" by 7" hoop. Many of these will combine easily.  ..

Harriet 3


Sensational designs for large hoops.  They stitch out perfectly on tulle and other sheer fabrics if ..

Harriet 4


Amazingly beautiful designs to complete this collection for your extra large hoop including a lovely..

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