Marianne Collection

The Marianne Collection is the second in a series of heirloom collections.  The designs are based on the traditional form of embroidery using the soft spun cotton that was braided and inserted into candles.  This collection was used for my Anniversary quilt and you will find that many of the design are perfect for embroidered quilts.

The Marianne Collection


Purchase all the sets in this collection at a special price.                 M..

Marianne 1


There are 32 delightful designs in this set for the 4" by 4" hoop, including 2 for making lace to ed..

Marianne 2


Amongst the designs in this set you will find cornered lace with scallops and some delightful edging..

Marianne 3


These designs for your large hoop contain a scalloped lace corner and a length of lace which can be ..

Marianne Quilt Blocks 1


10 delightful candle wicking blocks for the 8" x 8" hoop. I have successfully embroidered these out ..

Marianne Quilt Blocks 2


10 more delightful candle wicking blocks for the 8" x 8" hoop. I have successfully embroidered these..

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