Pamela's Joy Collection

These pretty designs feature lovely ribbons with some intricate links. Try to limit the number of colours you use so that the flowers and ribbons blend well.

The Pamela's Joy Collection


There are 5 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect them all and save money..

Pamela's Joy 1


For several years my dear friend Pamela Cox has been writing fantastic articles using my designs. Th..

Pamela's Joy 2


Delightful heirloom designs for smaller projects and children's clothing in subtle shades. Try to us..

Pamela's Joy 3


  These larger designs feature more of the ribbons and the delicate flowers. ..

Pamela's Joy 4


Extra large designs for 360mmx 200mm hoops. Please make sure that you have a hoop that takes this si..

Pamela's Joy 5


Large designs for 300mm x 200mm hoops.  112 designs for 300mm by 200mm (12" x..

Pamela's Joy Quilt blocks 1


Designing quilt blocks has become a delightful pastime. I hope you love my first 10 blocks from this..

Pamela's Joy Quilt blocks 2


Designing quilt blocks has become a delightful pastime. These are  10  more blocks from this collect..

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