Romantic Crazy Quilt Blocks

Individual Quilt Blocks to embellish after embroidering. Each quilt block has its own particular theme like Easter, Christmas or Celtic. Although not created to be embroidered and grouped in one quilt that would be possible, but it would require changing the overall colour schemes to match. This is what I am doing in my 2018 challenge.

Romantic Crazy Stocking 1


NOW UPDATED! As featured in Designs in Machine Embroidery, Nov/Dec 2016. A beautiful crazy quilt Chr..

Romantic Crazy Stocking 2


A second Romantic Crazy Quilt Stocking much larger than the first, created in 10 hoopings with a 240..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 1


My first Crazy Quilt block was designed to celebrate 7 years of Graceful Embroidery designs. Please ..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 2


Another crazy quilt just in time for Christmas. It comes in 2 sizes but be aware that HUS and VIP fo..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 3


Another Romantic Quilt block - check out the other blocks available     1 design..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 4


A lovely crazy quilt for Valentines in 2 sizes. Here is the larger one before embellishing! I hope y..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 5


Another Crazy Quilt with an Easter flavour. I have prepared a small design from elements of the bloc..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 6


This Crazy Quilt block celebrates the Paisley design, which originated in the east and resembles a t..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 7


An oblong crazy quilt for larger hoops with a vintage sewing theme. This is my first stitch out whic..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 8


As I am so fond of Celtic embroidery I had to design a crazy quilt using some of the Celtic elements..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 9


Another Crazy Quilt perfect for Valentines featuring silk ribbon covered seams! 1..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 10


Another Crazy quilt with a vintage sewing theme which matches my earlier one. 1 desig..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 11


This is a very special block which celebrates many of my collections. I have digitised it in a Dresd..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 12


Another crazy quilt just in time for Valentines. It comes in 2 sizes but be aware that HUS and VIP f..

Romantic Crazy Quilt 13


Here is another Dresden style block which can be stitched out in a 260mm (10.2") wide hoop or in two..

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