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Developing old style embroidery designs

Developing old style embroidery designs
Posted By: Hazel Published: 11/04/2018 Times Read: 69 Comments: 0

Ever since I visited Hampton Court Palace in London with my friend, Pamela, to attend an exhibition on white work by the Royal School of Needlework,  and we also went to Jane Austen’s home at Chawton, Hampshire, which also had marvellous examples of embroidery including babies bonnets,  I have felt the need to digitise more white work embroidery. My latest collection is a result of these visits, and I have named it Regency Whispers.

I have added ovals,  scrolls and suitable motifs to the several types of flowers and tiny leaves in these designs. The Regency period in Great Britain began when King George III died in 1811, and his son the Prince Regent became George IV and some consider that it continued until Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837. Most decoration was done by hand as the industrial age had yet to begin. After studying the embroidery that was done in the regency period and the wonderful patterns that were published regularly in Ackermann’s Repository, it was great fun to create this collection. Do take a peek at what inspired me. Here are some designs from this collection, soon to be released. I can see this design on the back yoke of a jacket.

I love this oval design with its pointed scallops. I do wonder how these would stitch out in silk thread on silk dupion!
I love the panels which were used in this period, and have added the simple buttonholes which can be left uncut or threaded through with some ribbon.

Take a look at this design which I have created to be stitched in a row. It’s one of my favourites in the collection. Place two together and you get an interesting edge. I can see this surrounding the hem of a dress on one of Jane Austen’s heroines, like Emma. Here is what the combination will look like. Of course you may want to add one of the smaller designs in the middle.

Adding GFE-REG-2-9 between GFE-REG-4-8

Here is the complete design

Hopefully Emma would be pleased, and not think it badly done! (Guess what film I am watching as I write this?)

Now I love to experiment with colour, threads and also with fabrics. I began to wonder how these designs would stitch out on English cotton net. I had serious doubts as to how it would turn out. I used Floriani wet and gone, deciding on two layers.

The results were excellent but I knew it would only be when I washed away the stabiliser that I could be absolutely sure it had worked. This is the panel for the 3rd set  before I washed the wet and gone away. I trimmed the jump stitches and as much stabiliser as I dared beforehand.

This is the finished design and I think the results are great. It just goes to show that you will never discover if you do not experiment. Here is a close up to prove the point.

I also embroidered a design with English cotton net layered over silk.

Here is a freebie for you to test out and all 5 sets in this collection have been released today, 9th April 2018.

Remember that these designs will embroider out in any colour especially if it is tone on tone, that is embroidering in the same colour as your fabric.

Happy embroidering from Hazel


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