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The Graceful Embroidery group/forum

Since Graceful Embroidery commenced back in 2007 I have had an Embroidery group for all those keen to find out more about my designs and how best to use them.  Within the group I run competitions, send out newsletters and give members the opportunity to pre order my designs. The longer you remain a member the more the benefits.  For the first ten years the group has been run as part of Yahoo groups. This is scheduled to change very soon as I hope we become part of BuddyPress which appears to offer a better system.

If you want to join please email me for more details.

Members recommendations:
"It is a friendly group, with a very helpful generous owner who is a genius with her designs. The range of designs is wide, and there is something of use to almost every type of dressmaker and embroiderer."  (DNL Staffordshire, UK)

"This is a fascinating group to belong to, where we can see the development of each superbly digitized new design set as it happens, and receive gift samples as the sets evolve. There are many 'in group' competitions and I was privileged to be the winner of the last $300 competition earlier this year. I am so glad that I found this friendly group with such a generous and talented owner." (L.F. East Sussex, UK)

"I just want to thank you soooooo much for all of the beautiful designs and your patience with all of us in the group.  You are the best and your generosity is unbelievable." (RE USA) 

"Not only are these designs some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, they are truly unique in the world of design embroidery!  I LOVE how all the different designs coordinate, and work together to give an authentic heirloom look.  It is rare to find designs that would work so well on Christening gowns, and wedding dresses, not to mention all the other uses.  Plus, I really love the Celtic designs; they are SOOO beautiful!!"  (RR Texas, USA) 

"I have just reached my first anniversary of being a member of Hazel's Graceful Embroidery group. In my first year with the group I have enjoyed the sense of comradeship amongst fellow machine embroidery enthusiasts. It has also been fun to see pictures of future design collections as Hazel develops them. On top of all that, I also appreciate her frequent requests for input from the group. Plus, how could I forget to mention the many opportunities to enter various competitions with the opportunity to win some Graceful Embroidery designs... (BB Canada)

"Hazel, the diverse nature of your designs, great digitising, combined with perfect stitch out of all designs is why I have purchased so many sets from Graceful Embroidery.  The exciting competitions you have give us an incentive to be creative.  Members of your Yahoo Group are so friendly; it makes it so worthwhile." (LH Melbourne, Australia)

"I joined this group in October 2007 and have been delighted ever since.  Hazel is a very gifted and generous digitizer - always rewarding her members with free designs.  We have regular mind-challenging competitions to create something from her designs and the prizes are fantastic.  I am inspired with her work and her perseverance in only giving us the best - her designs stitch out wonderfully and is of high quality.  Thanks for being you, Hazel!"  (SE, Johannesburg, South Africa)


When you have joined the group, make sure you also have an account here at Graceful Embroidery. Email me with its details, name and email address, so I  can link it to your new membership. I anticipate lots of requests so please be patient. You will not miss out on the freebies as they remain in the members area throughout the time of the Birthday event.