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Welcome to the Members area at Graceful Embroidery! 


This is the main page and the place to make sure you are subscribed to the new style of Embroidery Thoughts.


You can also access and download all the recent editions of Embroidery Thoughts here.


Just fill in the form below please. The design above is a sample of the new Anniversary Strawberry designs for 2017/18 members. They will be released later in June 2018 and will be called "Strawberries and Cream".

On May 19th, 2018 members were sent an email asking them to resubscribe to Embroidery Thoughts as part of the new GDPR Law.

Re-Subscribe here to get Embroidery Thoughts. It is no longer available anywhere else. Not sure if you did subscribe. Try again and it will tell you whether or not you have done so already.





 ​Visit the old Graceful Embroidery Group

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I am so pleased that you are a member of my very special and unique group which is now over 10 years old, and I hope that you will remain a member for the foreseeable future. I am currently transferring all memberships from the Yahoo group over to BuddyPress. For the smooth running of the website and to simplify the administration of the group, I have also found it necessary to change the levels of membership. I am sorry that this has taken so long as I never realised all the problems and limitations, but I assure you we are getting there.



Registration for the Graceful Embroidery forum has begun and should be finished in early July.


Once all members have been sent an email to register, a link to register will be added here, for new members and for those who do not receive the email for one reason or another. Details will be included here, posted in Embroidery Thoughts and also sent to members through the old Yahoo group. There will be a period of overlap and you should not leave the Yahoo group until I advise you to do so. I am hoping that all I will need to do is close it and you will be informed, but with Yahoo who knows!!



After much deliberation I have decided to merge every two levels into one, so that we are left with 5 which makes administration much easier:-

Standard (replacing pearl & crystal)

Bronze (replacing emerald & sapphire)

Silver (replacing ruby & diamond)

Gold (replacing opal & silver)

Platinum (replacing gold & platinum)


I have tried to make this fair and simple, and I know that some may feel that they have been give the wrong level of membership. However those who are now Platinum members have waited ten years to reach this level so I felt that I should not give this level to all those who have been in the group for over five years. I will grade and merge them all next year if that makes sense. Your membership is very important to me and the other members of  the group so I encourage you to be patient at this time of change as I cannot always get my head around it. The new Graceful Embroidery Forum should be a vast improvement on the Yahoo group and I have spent a lot of time working to make it a very special place of inspiration for those who are passionate about machine embroidery.


Download this old design which has been re-edited


  Download a useful Order History PDF for keeping an accurate record

Download a useful Order History Word Doc for keeping an accurate record

Group competitions

 Everything you need to know about competitions past and present.

Do try to take part in as many competition as possible, as participation usually gives you Reward points, making everybody a winner. The big annual competition closes each August. I invite you to take part, as the challenge will improve your embroidery skills and the prize is $1000 worth of designs from Graceful Embroidery

Important Group information 

  Got some questions? Check here first

If you have any queries about your membership please email me at:


Anniversary Design entitlements for 2017/18

to be announced shortly

Only members who joined the group before September 2016 will be entitled to the 2017/18 Anniversary designs.