Winter Jewels Collection


The collection for Christmas 2018. These designs celebrate the beauty of the Hellebore, known as the Christmas or Lenten rose. These elegant plants thrive in my garden throughout the winter months bringing such beauty. Many of my hellebores are grown in pots outside my kitchen window on a wooden frame that houses my fuchsias in the summer months. It is wonderful to admire them all from the window.This is however much more than a collection, but a botanical study of these magical flowers that are actually made up of sepals not petals. You will find that I digitised several varieties, but it would have been impossible to do them all as they are diverse. Although I aim to be botanically correct sometimes there has to be a little license for however much I try I cannot capture every detail in stitches.


If you would like to see more about these beautiful flowers click this link


The Winter Jewels Collection


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Winter Jewels 1


Winter Jewels 1 Making dimensional hellebores These are ..

Winter Jewels 2


Winter Jewels 2 Making dimensional hellebores The collec..

Winter Jewels 3


Winter Jewels 3 In the third set I have included new hellebores as I have digitised some of the s..

Winter Jewels 4 Winter Jewels 4 Sale

Winter Jewels 4

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Winter Jewels 4 In the fourth set you will find some beautiful panels and borders as well as some..

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